The Quest for the Best Diner in NYC

New York City is obsessed with diners.

Need proof? Look no further than Google Instant, where results appear as users are still typing. After typing in ‘best diner in,’ ‘diners in,’ and ‘great diners in,’ the search engine automatically populates the window with results ‘in nyc.’

Best Diners in NYC search Google Instant

With hundreds of diners in Manhattan (not to mention the boroughs), how can you pick the right one?

For the average web surfer/office-procrastinator, sites like Yelp and Urbanspoon offer a ‘best of’ diner section. If you’re a bit of a food snob (or just like eating awesome food), New York Magazine and Zagat are good resources to check out. You can also throw the question out on various social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter where you’re sure to get feedback.

Other people (like me) tend to stumble upon their faves. Last weekend in the Meatpacking District I passed a diner — appropriately named The Diner — on the corner of Ninth Avenue and 14th Street. Served on whole wheat bread without the frou-frou of ciabatta or Panini slices, the seared tuna sandwich I ordered was simple, but full of flavor. McDonald-esque fries (but fresher — really!) and tasty coleslaw on the side didn’t hurt, either.

While everyone has his or her own top choices, it can’t hurt to try someone else’s favorite diner – or simply, The Diner – for something new.

So – what’s your favorite diner?

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