Spend Less While Watching More

O! Complain not of the price of things, my friend, for I have found cheap entertainment!

While you probably pay $12.50 per Friday night movie, I might spend only $6. And while you fork over unseemly wads of dough for the privilege of watching professional baseball, I pay the price of a movie ticket!

I’ll explain. First, the movie:

You’ll need to find a buddy with a car, but once you do you just direct him 51 miles NW of the CUNY J-School, and you can roll right up to the screen at  the Warwick Drive-In theater in Warwick, NY. Each night during the spring, summer and (most of the) fall, the drive-in plays three separate double-features. That’s right, for $8, each person gets two full movies. Factor in gas, and you’re still paying roughly the average movie ticket price from 2003.

Unfortunately, one of the movies I saw recently was “Going the Distance“, but I learned something valuable. Drive-ins are especially great when you’re seeing an awful movie. You and your buddies sit in the car and listen to the audio through your radio, so no one else even hears it while you complain about how “that girl from Home Fries still talks like she did in E.T.

Now, the baseball game:

It’s no secret that the Yankees have the most expensive tickets in baseball. But while the average ticket to see baseball’s most impressive team costs over $70, you can catch them for $15, even during the pennant race!

Use StubHub, but play the market. Forget about going during the weekends or when they’re facing the Sox, demand is too high. Normally what you’re looking for is a Tuesday or Wednesday (but not one that conflicts with your Cultural Literacy class) when they’re playing random nobodies (anybody but Boston or the Mets).

Look, tickets for next Wednesday are going for $14.88!

Although they lost when I went last Tuesday, I still got to experience New York’s finest cultural attraction for $12 — not a penny more since I bring my own food — and enjoyed thinking about how much everyone around me paid.

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