Celebrity life goes ‘Somewhere’

In 2010, Reality TV Stars Kim, Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian made $65 million… Justin Bieber’s lock of hair just sold on Ebay for $40,6888… Charlie Sheen joining Twitter makes headlines. What is it about the celebrity culture that intrigues people from all corners of the world? Is it the yearn for a glamorous life? To be an idol/icon to others? Or is it just about the money?

Doctors Drew Pinsky and Mark Young describe this societal trend towards celebrity obsession and how it’s affecting America in their book, The Mirror Effect: How Celebrity Narcissism Is Seducing America. Oscar winning director, Sophia Coppola takes her vision of celebrity life to the silver screen in ‘Somewhere.’ Coppola rebuts all the narcissistic claims. She shows that celebrity life is not all about glitz and glam through the relationship between washed up actor, Johnny Marco (Stephen Dorff) and his 11 year old daughter, Cleo (Elle Fanning).

Coppola takes us on a visual journey of glamour and privilege. From living in the celeb studded Chateau Marmont, travelling to Milan to driving a Porsche around a racetrack. After a long stretch of emotionless scenes showing Marco drinking with beautiful women, sleeping until the wee hours of the afternoon and having a wax copy of his face made — it all becomes clear. Is celebrity life all that it’s cracked up to be? According to kids it is.

In a recent survey conducted in the UK, 12% of kids want to be sport stars, 11% pop stars and 11% famous actors. One third of kids today don’t realize the message behind Coppola’s film: The elite life is not as much a life as it is a journey to find ways to just pass the time… And, even the man in the $500 shirt still needs to discover himself.

Official trailer for ‘Somewhere’

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2 Responses to Celebrity life goes ‘Somewhere’

  1. Hannah Miet says:

    I can’t tell if this will be good, but I definitely need to see it.

  2. Tommy Tuck says:

    I think celebrity life has gone too far these days, people are obssesed with celebrities.
    and the Celebrities are taking it to shocking extremes with plastic surgery to get noticed http://www.celebrityplasticsurgery.tv look at the before and after pictures of some of these stars and you will wonder what were they thinking?

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