Theaters performances going the way of movies.

Spider Man- Turn off the Dark Promo to Problems
Three-dimensional film first achieved mainstream notoriety in the early 1980’s when the popularity of Jaws both amazed and frightened audiences. However, it wasn’t till the release of the movie Avatar, over 25 years later, that the movie industry felt compelled to create virtually every film after in a 3-D version, to compete with the forward technology and mesmerizing animation as seen in Avatar.

Spider-Man Turn Off The Dark threatens to do to Broadway what Avatar did to movies, train audiences to expect high-end technology driven choreography, during a live performance.

In recent days, Spider-Man has gotten more press attention for its stunt follies instead of its script and score.  However, bad reviews and massive technical issues have not deterred ticket sales. The night I went to see a performance virtually all 1932 seats were filled with jaw dropped audience members who waited breathlessly to enjoy Spider-Man’s airborne romps.

Yes Broadway has had its share of fantastic moments where props, (think Phantom of the Opera,) and actors, (like Mary Poppins,) have been used to interact with the audience in a minimal number of scenes. One has to wonder if Spider-Man’s mostly areal acrobatic based show will shift the consensus of what makes for good theater from beautiful music and amazing writing to who can create the next technical spectacle.

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