Chicago Band ‘Kids These Days’ Take New York City

Kids These Days is a Chicago-bred jazz/funk/hip hop band comprised of eight frighteningly talented kids, ranging in ages from 17 to 21. On Tuesday, the Kids flew from their hometown to the big city for a day full of meetings and a private showcase for big wig music executives. After local success and a series of packed shows throughout Chicago, the big names in music have expressed interest in possibly signing the band.

Because I wrote a feature story on KTD about two months ago, their manager invited me to sit in on this session. I went straight from school to the venue, and even though I’d interviewed many of the band members before, this would be my first time meeting them.

I was a bit nervous when I entered studio 1, where the band would be performing, but after meeting each of the members and introducing myself as “that girl that wrote that story about you for that blog,” the tension simmered…for me, at least.

“I’m trying not to think about all the important people sitting out there,” J.P. Floyd, 20, the trombone player, said before the show started.

As the lights dimmed and the “suits” sat beside me, KTD put on the best live show I have ever seen. The 1 hour show was an impressive mix of jazz songs, original material, and remixes concocting the two.

After the show closed, music execs huddled in the corner and spoke about how impressed they were with the musicianship of each band member. As I big farewell, I knew this wouldn’t be the last I heard of Kids These Days.

Here’s an example of their work. Also, check out their Youtube Channel and their Facebook page.

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