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If recent movies have any part in depicting the future of the film industry, we are certainly moving towards technological advancements and away from the traditional moving picture. The recent releases of films like “Rango”,“Paul”, “Mars Needs Moms” and “Never Say Never” are paving the way for the future of the motion picture industry with the implementation of CGI characters and 3D techniques.
Simon Pegg and Nick Frost’s, “Paul” is a story about a CGI created alien. Director Greg Motolla said in an interview “it was my first time working with CGI and it took a lot of experimentation to figure it out and see how it was going to work with the actors.” Though it’s Pegg, Frost and Motolla’s first time with CGI, the film is already receiving world-wide acclaim.

“Rango”, the inspiring comic western explores the American west in 3D. “Its brilliant colors and startling characters spring from the screen and remind us how very, very tired we are of simpleminded little characters bouncing around dimly in 3D” said Roger Ebert.

Aside from producers and reviewers, viewers all over Manhattan are excited for the direction that film is taking. Stephanie Berlin, an employee of Film PR mogul Peggy Siegal is rooted in traditional story telling for film sans the bright lights and 3D glasses.

“I think the 3D and CGI add a value of entertainment to films, however I do not think it overall contributes the the art of story telling on screen. Film should be about a beautiful story with rich characters — not about how much characters can pop out to look life size.”

Berlin has seen all the movies currently implementing these technologies and thinks “these added elements take away from the story and artistic creation, but it’s a huge money maker for investors.”

It’s a double edged sword — while films like “Rango”, “Paul” and “Never Say Never” have made hundreds of millions of dollars collectively, are we dismissing the traditional film model we’ve spent the past century and a half developing?

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