Ethnic models

the runway is like a hopper that feeds the fashion industry’s image-making machine. what is shown on the runway and who wears it goes on to influence the faces we will see in editorials and ads all over the world. even if you’re not a fashion aficionado, you are still bombarded with the ads. and, the lack of ethnic models in the fashion world is not at all reflective of where ethnic people stand in society today.

out of thousands of looks to be modeled yearly, only 18% are worn by models of color. the lack of diversity in fashion hit an all time low after NY Fashion Week 2007, where out of 101 shows, one third did not employ a model of color. things have since been on the rise, but are no where near where they should be in comparison to other industries.

Ethnic Models from Chase Lindsay Rosen on Vimeo.

special thank you to:
ny model management, david ralph, marion smith, pierre woods, hollis, mercedes benz fashion week, rebecca minkoff, michael kors, transient and all those devoted to closing gaps of inequality in fashion.

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