The New Celebrity

Bryan Boy's recently signed with Hollywood "heavy weight" talent agency, CAA

It is no surprise that fashion bloggers have increased their trend prediction power, compared to their traditional magazine counterpart,  mostly due to the rapid dissemination of information that is organic to reporting on line.

Power players like Scott Schuman, aka, The Sartorialist, and Susie Bubble, founder of, or even the internet’s newest fashion-ista star, Bryan Boy, receive several thousands of hits per day, catapulting their fashion blogs to celebrity status.

In an effort to harbor some celebrity status for their names, not just their URLs, fashion bloggers are now turning to talent agencies to promote the writer behind the words.

MOD TV’s recent report on Bryan Boy’s signing with CAA Talent Agency showcases the powerful synergy between blogger and brand ambassador like CAA, an agency that represents mainstream celebrities like Oprah, Julia Roberts and Tom Cruise.

Forbes’ 2010 story about the Rise of the Fashion Blogger details the new found fame and power online fashion trend writers have, including the ability to influence fashion designers.

Taking to the web, traditional magazine fashion editor Jane Pratt makes her move to the web. The New York Times Article shows how traditional fashion editors re-invent themselves in the digital age.

The Independent Fashion Bloggers website posted a video discussion about the rise of the fashion blogger. The panel was divided on their views but one consensus is that the future of the celebrity blogger is a growing trend.

MYFDBlog posted the pressure for famous fashion bloggers to stay famous. They must blog, blog blog, all day long to stay on top.



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